Job Corps Service Delivery Model

As one of the nation’s largest job corps center operators, ResCare Workforce Services leverages a seven-point service delivery model that successfully places young adults on meaningful career paths.

The job corps service delivery model includes the following elements:

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Unrivaled Subject Matter Expertise

Our students have the benefit of learning directly from the many corporate partners who have made a commitment to share their insights with the next generation of leaders who attend ResCare-managed Job Corps centers. Additionally, each of our career centers is supported by local staff members and a national team of unrivaled subject matter experts who bring years of experience in educating, training, advocating and finding employment for young adults.

Superior Safety & Quality Assurance Systems

ResCare is dedicated to ensuring the safety of the students and staff members at our Job Corps centers through proven security measures and world-class compliance programs. Within those environments, our service delivery team manages superior quality assurance systems that deliver best-in-class practices with a commitment to data integrity.

Results Driven Performance Management

To ensure our Job Corps centers function efficiently and effectively, we utilize results-driven performance management strategies that hold staff and programs accountable for high-achieving results.

Exceptional Customer Experience

ResCare Workforce Services Job Corps staff members are among the most engaged local leaders, who are trusted to deliver customized solutions based on a demonstrated ability to listen and understand the specific needs of our customers and partners. As a result, each of our Job Corps centers is expected to manage exceptional customer experiences.

Innovative Training & Technology

Because student success in the workforce often relies on a mastery of contemporary skills, our Job Corps centers use a host of innovative training and technology tools that allow young people to learn in ways that are relevant to the students and to employers.

Extensive Community Collaboration

We utilize an unsurpassed network of community resources to improve the quality of life for the students served in our Job Corps centers. Our extensive community collaborations expand beyond the local communities we serve.

Unmatched Organizational Capacity

As the nation’s largest human services company, ResCare Workforce Services leverages unmatched organizational capacity at every Job Corps center it operates. The corporate human resources, business services, quality assurance measures, government relations, legal expertise, communications and financial support available to each of our Job Corps centers make us an unrivaled operator.