Workforce Service Delivery Model

All of our workforce programs leverage our Putting America to Work service delivery system, which includes the following elements:
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  • We recruit, engage and train talented staff members who are expected to be the area’s Most Engaged Local Leaders.
  • Our service delivery team provides Supported and Aligned Quality from a collection of national subject-matter experts who undergird our local operations.
  • Each of our workforce locations offers World-Class Job Readiness Programs that provide a full continuum of education, skill-enhancement and career transitioning tools.
  • To address the needs of sophisticated employers and job seekers, we utilize Cutting-Edge Enabling Technology to ensure quality matches between the two.
  • We establish relationships with national companies to build an Unmatched Employer Briefcase that creates a foundation of job opportunities in every community we serve.
  • To ensure our operations function efficiently and effectively, we utilize Intense Performance Management standards that facilitate high levels of productivity.