Rest Assured® for HomeCare

People can’t stop talking about Rest Assured. See what they are saying.

In a perfect world, your loved one would be able to live safely and independently at home, yet have someone who’s always there if help is needed.

Good news. The Rest Assured Telecare system makes it possible.

This patented system uses wireless technology to provide remote, around-the-clock monitoring of your loved one – giving you peace of mind while maintaining your loved one’s privacy, security and independence.

Our specially trained and certified caregivers are available on your schedule or in emergencies. They get to know you personally and offer in-home support services as you need them. Rest Assured Telecaregivers communicate face-to-face through a touch screen.  Your family members, or other authorized individuals, can also use the system to check in and chat face-to-face with you.

Based on individual needs, a remote service arrangement can be used either as an alternative to in-home care or as supplemental support (for example, during evening hours).

Rest Assured OneTouch®

With the push of a button, OneTouch instantly calls a highly trained Telecaregiver who immediately responds to the emergency. The response is customized to each client’s needs and preferences. OneTouch is a 24/7 link to emergency help when needed most – in the event of fire, medical emergencies, falls, intruders and more. We evaluate each emergency and dispatch appropriate emergency personnel when they are needed. OneTouch includes a pendant-style alert button or a fall sensor worn on a belt with an alert button and a two-way speaker phone that automatically connects with a Telecaregiver.

Family Support

Family Support service from Rest Assured® connects families to loved ones through a secure Internet connection. Once the Rest Assured® system is installed, any approved family member with a personal computer and an Internet connection can virtually visit, chat, see any sensor-activated alerts, view the Telecaregiver’s patient chart notes and update the account and preferences.

Drop-In Support

This service is ideal for those who do not require continuous support or assistance. Our Telecaregivers check in at scheduled intervals or at specified times throughout the day based on unique needs and preferences. Offerings include wake-up calls, helping with preparation of meals, providing medication reminders or assisting in other activities of daily living.

Active Support

Our active support services consist of continuous oversight or active treatment and are specially designed to support adults who have cognitive, intellectual and developmental disabilities and seniors who want an alternative to 24-hour, live-in support. Services include maintenance of consumer-specific protocols, notification of an agency or family’s on-call staff in the event of an unusual occurrence or emergency, response staff communication, documentation, event tracking, home security and software upgrades. Services are available in increments of four-hour sessions.