Signature Quality and Training Programs

Through our signature quality assurance programs and training, our staff ensures the safety of the people we support.

ResCare On Call and Disaster Preparedness

ResCare’s strong mission to help people live as independently as possible has brought many requests from states to our largest business segment, ResCare Residential Services,asking us to help them close institutions and move people with intellectual and developmental disabilities into the community. In some cases there are hundreds of individuals involved. We find them new homes in the community and ensure they are safe and that their specific needs are met. Each individual has a team consisting of case managers, Adult Protective Services representatives, family or guardians, therapists, the individuals themselves and ResCare care givers who plan the best strategy to meet their needs during and after the transition from institutional care.

Ensuring those needs are met requires a lot of people power and sometimes the staff on hand are not enough. ResCare saw the need 20 years ago and created the Consultant Support Team, now called ResCare On Call (ROC), to provide assistance to operations that require additional support and staffing during times of need. ROC members, called ROC Stars, receive special training and are available immediately to travel and provide assistance to other operations throughout ResCare.

This program is one way ResCare operations support the ResCare Quality Way components of customer focus, employee focus and managing for outcomes. Employees who become ROC Stars are nominated by their supervisors and show strong team skills. A recommendation to participate in the ROC program is seen as an acknowledgement of outstanding performance for the employees who are asked to join. Currently, nearly 700 employees are ROC Stars and are ready to deploy on less than 24-hours notice.

The True Test

In 2005, with Hurricanes Katrina and Rita slamming the Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas coasts, ROC got a test that proved its value in providing for the safety and health of the people we serve. ResCare employees took heroic measures to evacuate the individuals in their care, in some cases placing the welfare of the individuals before knowing where their own families were. ROC volunteers poured into those areas to help safely evacuate more than 200 individuals and employees to safety before the waters rose and the winds hit. They helped set up camps, then houses, for the people affected.

ResCare organized fleets of vans and private aircraft to move people from the safe camps to more permanent living arrangements in other states. ROC members stayed with the individuals they were assigned to in the temporary quarters, then accompanied them in the planes and finally to new homes in other states. And in some instances, months later, when the winds were gone and the homes rebuilt, they helped move the individuals back
to their new homes in their old neighborhoods so they could resume their interrupted lives.

Since then, ROC Stars have moved in to shelters and homes across the country to help in ice storms, tornadoes, floods and other disasters. ResCare is proud to have a pool of outstanding, trained staff to assist operations during start-up, transitions or when emergency assistance is needed so we can provide uninterrupted services to the people we support.

National Attention
The strength of ResCare’s ROC program is now getting national attention. ResCare recently entered into an agreement with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to provide direct care services to our nation’s most vulnerable people in the event of a nationally declared disaster. ROC team members will travel to the FEMA-established shelters and provide care to the elderly and people with disabilities who are unable to care for themselves. ResCare will offer personal assistance services to people who may ordinarily receive the services from family members, friends, paid caregivers or volunteers who are not available at the shelter site. The personal assistance can involve everything from grooming, toileting and bathing to catheterization, administering medications and other services people with disabilities and the elderly would need if evacuated to a general population shelter.

ResCare is the only company of its kind that has the expertise and experience to answer the call, with more than 35 years of experience providing supports to people with developmental and other disabilities.

You’re Safe, I’m Safe

The You’re Safe, I’m Safe curriculum provides practices and procedures that support our commitment to creating safe environments for the people we serve. The content focuses on teaching people how to build and maintain relationships as well as how to support people in a positive and safe manner when challenging behaviors occur. The curriculum is designed to serve as a reference and support tool for employees. You’re Safe, I’m Safe encourages and supports individuals to make choices, build relationships and “take control of their lives” while enhancing their overall quality of life. It ensures that personal outcomes are obtained and realized.

Wellness Programs

ResCare provides several wellness programs to our employees to help prevention infection in the people we support. Our two main programs include Infection Control and Serious Infection Prevention and Pneumonia Prevention. The focus is on preventing illness and educating staff on why the people we support are at higher risk for pneumonia and other diseases. The trainings are annual to ensure we are doing the right things to prevent illness.

Health Assessment Rating Tool

A Health Assessment Rating Tool (HART) is to be completed on each person served on admission to services, with any significant change in health support needs and annually thereafter.  ResCare’s HART is a signature program for assessing, monitoring and improving the health of all persons we support.