Job Corps Testimonials

Pinellas Job Corps

Blue Ridge Job Corps

I am truly grateful to have had this opportunity of a life time. I completed the LPN program in November of 2012. I was very fortunate to land a good job the very next month. Since then I have worked as a rehab nurse on a post-op floor.  I have used the skills and the knowledge I have obtained from the LPN program. I cannot thank the teachers, as well as the staff members enough for all of the support they have giving me, because without them I do not think it would have been possible to be where I am today! I plan on continuing my education and attending community college to complete my RN.
Katrina Peters (student)

We have always had a close working relationship with the Blue Ridge Job Corps here in Marion.  Many of our current employees and some of our more recent hires have come to us from BRJC.  They always have a wonderful attitude and tremendous work ethic.  Their knowledge and skill is a credit to the Job Corps and their programs.  BRJC graduates always have a smile on their face and truly seem to love the work they do, and we are proud to have them on our team here at Francis Marion Manor.
— Rob Blevins, RN, BSN, NREMT-P, Director of Nursing at Francis Marion Manor Health & Rehabilitation

Edison Job Corps

Mr. Zielinski,

I just wanted to take the time out to thank you for all the help that you have given me.  As you are well aware I have successfully completed Edison Job Corps within five short months.  I just wanted to let you know that I am greatly appreciative for all the extra time you have put in to get me where I am right now from helping with paperwork, to taking me to job interviews, following up with me about trade and my new job, the list goes on.  I couldn’t thank you enough for taking me on an interview about two months ago because I wouldn’t be in the position I am in right now.  I enjoy what I do at Brightstar and I am excited that all the time and hard work that I put in at Job Corps has given me the tools to branch out into a different job field that I was so eager to be apart of. Within these five months I have obtained my Certified Home Health Aide license as well as my Certified Nursing Assistant license.  I wouldn’t of been able to accomplish all of this without the help of you, my instructors, counselors, and a few other staff members.  Any time I needed anything, whoever I turned to always pointed me in the right direction. So again, I just wanted to say thank you for all that you’ve done and how much I truly appreciate it!

— Brandee Brown (student)

Ms. Frazer,
Near the end of my time at job corps, I initially made some really stupid decisions and would prevent my future career success. The excellent staff in the Edison Job Corps CTS department really helped out, and I can honestly say it is thanks to them that I had the opportunity to get myself back on track. They helped me find a place to live and an entry level job, where I still work full time now.

I can’t thank everyone enough for all the wonderful help they gave me, Ms Frazer and Mr. Taveras in particular were my chief advocates. Now I have a starting base from which to work towards more long term goals, and I owe all of it to Edison Job Corps and the Job Corps CTS staff.

David Shmilowitz (student)

We have teamed up with Job Corp for Groundhog Job Shadow Day to provide them with an up-close look at the different career opportunities available in the hospitality industry.  Students are paired with a mentor who they  “shadow” throughout the day to experience how the skills they learn in the classroom can be applied to the real world. This event also provides an opportunity to introduce future employees to the vast array of careers available in the lodging industry, as well as supports our industry’s community efforts.

Our General Manager serves on the advisory board and was asked to be a commencement speaker.

The students we have worked with have exhibited positive attitudes and an eagerness to learn.  It has been our pleasure having the students from Job Corps come to our facility, and we welcome the opportunity to continue this partnership in the future!

— Employee at the Hyatt Hotel

Dear Ms. Burwell,

I am writing to express my excitement and enthusiasm about partnering with you and your colleagues at the Edison Job Corps Center.  After meeting with you several months ago when you first placed a student with us and invited the staff of Isles YouthBuild Institute to your networking event, I saw first-hand the great work you all do at your site. It was clear to me that you do not look for placed to “dump” your students, but you really take the time to ensure they are placed in a school or job that will allow them to be successful. The follow up, attention to detail and clear passion for your work was evident.

We at Isles YouthBuild Institute are excited about this partnership because we know that you will be supportive in placing students with us or us placing students with you in Edison. It is refreshing to work with like-minded people who share the same mission and dedication to the youth.

Thank you!

Ester Brahmi (Isles YouthBuild Institute)

Homestead Job Corps

Ana Castro has been with our doctor’s office for almost three years.  In that short time, she has proved to be a hard worker who is very compassionate.  She is doing extremely well and we are happy to have her working with us.

Ebony Kirksey, Office Manager at DR. Gutleber’s Family Medicine Practice

Pinellas Job Corps

Pinellas County Job Corps gave me a second chance in life to get my high school diploma and certified as a Medical Assistant. I also attained my U.S. Citizenship while attending Job Corps, but I didn’t stop there, I wanted to do more in the medical field. I now attend St. Petersburg College where I am enrolled in their nursing program. Coming to Pinellas County Job Corps has taught me that there is no limitations as to what I can do in life. I understand now more than ever that I can do whatever I set my mind to without anyone telling me that I can’t. After I leave the Job Corps program I plan on continuing college and getting a job in the nursing field.

Nicolette Taylor (student)

Coming to Job Corps has affected me greatly.  When I first started it was a very scary experience but the staff welcomed me with open arms and I quickly made friends.  I have accomplished a lot while being at Pinellas County Job Corps; I have had many staff and faculty behind me 100% who have helped me strive for everything I have now. I have done over 12 community service projects, graduated with four certifications, obtained my driver’s license, and many other awards.  Job Corps has given me a second chance in life. It has been a blessing to accomplish what I have and know that I can help others along the way.

Now that I am a Certified Nursing Assistant, I now attend St. Petersburg College where I am majoring in there nursing program.  This is a huge accomplishment for me because I am the first generation in my family to go to college!  I am also working part-time at The Fountains of Boca Ciega Bay, an assisted living community. Working with the residents has been a self-fulfilling experience and I love working with my co-workers and the staff.

Not only am I a better person then when I entered, but I am stronger as an individual thanks to the wonderful faculty and students here.  I appreciate all the support Pinellas County Job Corps has offered me! 

Brittany Bourgeois (student)

The professional progression of my life was changed dramatically the moment I entered Job Corps. Utilizing all of Job Corps resources and maintaining a positive attitude was the key for my success and employment. Although having several previous jobs and an apartment, prior to enrolling, being the world’s best fried cook was not on my list of professional occupations. The fact that one needs to be self motivated to complete Job Corps helped me find the strength to climb the ladder to success, attend college and strive for higher goals.

Job Corps community service and volunteer programs helped me find ways to network in the community. Being a Clinical Medical Assistant and phlebotomist I spent most of my time honing my skills at the hospital or other practical environments. While attending a community service activity which included spending time and mentoring foster children I found my true calling. The Salvation Army Sallie House was very much impressed by my hard work ethic and ability to mentor. I received an email from the Salvation Army offering me a part time position. I feel truly blessed for the opportunities that I took advantage of the help change my life.  Without the help of Pinellas County Job Corps none of this would have been possible.

Ramon Cruz (student)

We would like to express our gratitude for the relationship Gardner-Watson Decking has been able to forge with Job Corps over the past couple of years.  We greatly appreciate the dedication of Job Corps and the high quality of your training program.  Through hiring several of your students, we have found that they are a step ahead of the average new employee due to having already completed several essential training courses.  Those of particular importance to our work include: OSHA training, CPR/First Aid, and basic construction blueprint reading.  In addition to basic classroom training, your students  come with life skills that help them to work within a work crew as productive members.  We have found your students to be eager to learn new specialty skills that are essential to their development within our company.  Again, we look forward to continued cooperation in developing successful employees and appreciate your efforts in preparing them for a productive future.

 Rick Vassallo, CFO/VP at Gardner-Watson Decking, Inc.

Ramey Job Corps

My experience living and getting trained in Job Corps was a very good one. I learned to live with all types of persons and even cultures. I learned that everything has a manner; to live together with others. It was not easy but I succeeded coping with differences and issues. This made me grow personally and it helps me even professionally.

Thanks to Job Corps I know how to write a resume. When I applied to the Hospital I was interviewed by the Director and I wasn’t expecting that. Thanks to Job Corps, I was prepared for a successful interview process which served me as the key to get the job. Furthermore, Job Corps provided me all the skills and knowledge needed to execute a quality job performance.  Due to that, and my commitment to continue growing I have kept my job and I am looking forward to continue growing professionally and getting a bachelor’s degree in nursing while working at the Hospital.

— Orlando Soto (student)

Orlando Soto began working at the hospital by contract, covering an employee. Upon a vacant opportunity, he was evaluated and selected as a permanent employee.  Soto is very responsible in his job, he knows what he is doing, and he does it from the bottom of his heart. His customer service is excellent! He has an outstanding assistance record and because of all these characteristics was that he was selected for the job. We saw in him, things that we did not see in other prospects. Orlando is very determined, diligent, and we would not hesitate in promoting him upon his completion of his Nursing degree.

— Julissa Cruz, clinic supervisor at Hospital San Carlos Borroméo