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Questions about ResCare? Ask Maria

How much does ResCare HomeCare cost?

You’ll be happy to know ResCare rates are competitive with most other home care providers you may be considering. ResCare HomeCare bills most services on an hourly basis, within a price range based on the level of care needed. We’d be glad to provide specific pricing for your area. Please contact us at 866.ResCare (866.737.2273) for more information.

Who are you?

I’m Maria. If you have a loved one with physical limitations that can make living at home a challenge, I’m here to help.

Is there minimum or maximum number of hours per week ResCare will provide service?

No, ResCare services are available around the clock. We’ll work with you to create a customized schedule with the exact amount of care you need.

Is ResCare HomeCare covered by Medicare, Medicaid or private health insurance?

Yes. ResCare accepts a number of payment options. Please contact us at 866.ResCare (866.737.2273) and we’ll walk you through it.

What kind of training does your staff complete?

ResCare HomeCare caregivers are trained in accordance with state licensing rules and regulations, undergo criminal background checks, have provided satisfactory references and are fully insured. Staff members are committed to serving each person with respect and care – a commitment shared by ResCare employees company-wide.

Does my loved one need help?

There’s no hard and fast rule for determining whether home care services are needed, but if you answer yes to one or more of the questions about your loved one, ResCare can help.

  • Are bills being paid late or being forgotten altogether?
  • Have simple errands such as grocery shopping, doctor’s appointments or picking up prescriptions become a challenge?
  • Is it a challenge to manage simple daily activities after coming home from the hospital after surgery?
  • Have you noticed a gradual or sudden loss of memory and/or language skills?
  • Does your loved one often fail to answer the phone or take longer than usual to answer?
  • Is your loved one experiencing falls? Have you noticed unexplained cuts or bruises or a hesitance in his or her walk?
  • Are there clothing stains or odors emanating from furniture, clothing or automobile seats?
  • Have you noticed poor eating habits and inadequate nutrition/hydration? What about a failure or inability to follow through on physician’s instructions, medicine dosages, etc.?
  • Is your loved one hesitant or not able to get into the bath?
  • Has your loved one stopped engaging in previously enjoyable activities like playing cards, singing or dancing?
  • Is your loved one staying in bed more?

Does ResCare offer respite care?

Absolutely. We know that caring for a loved one can be a source of fatigue, frustration, loneliness and stress. That’s why we offer a complete range of respite care to ensure you get the relief you need to continue caring for your loved one.

I care for my elderly loved one but sometimes need relief. Any advice?

Get all the help you can. Seek or accept help from family members, friends, neighbors, volunteers from your community or church group, paid caregivers or a geriatric care manager. Help may take the form of care or companionship for your loved one, assistance with shopping or homemaking or help completing daily activities such as bathing, dressing and meal preparation.

Safeguard your physical and mental health. Undertaking the role of a caregiver can mean accepting a great deal of additional responsibility on top of managing your own health. Surprisingly, the primary reason many seniors are moved from their own home into an institutional setting is the decline in health of the caregiver. Many caregivers take minimal time to care for themselves, not allowing time to exercise, rest or eat regular meals. Exhaustion can compromise your body’s immune system and lead to illness. It’s important to eat well, get enough sleep, see your doctor regularly and take time for yourself in order to stay healthy, keep your loved ones healthy and avoid burnout.

Make time for yourself. Schedule respite times when you can attend to your needs and pursue your interests. Engage in whatever activities you find most fulfilling and relaxing, whether it’s exercise, shopping, reading or spending time with friends and other family members. Making time for yourself is an important element in maintaining your physical and mental well-being.

Consider connecting with other caregivers. Communicating with people who share your challenges can be a relief. Contact your local senior center or hospital to learn about caregiver support groups in your area or connect with fellow caregivers online.

ResCare HomeCare can assist you by providing respite care, in-home senior care, care management or other personal home care services or by referring you to other professionals in your community who can address your needs.

What type of assistance do we need?

Most seniors want to stay in their homes – some just need a little help. That’s what ResCare is all about. We offer a menu of services that provide as little or as much help as they need, allowing them to maintain their privacy, dignity and independence. Here are some of the types of home care services we offer:

Personal Care
Help with bathing, eating, dressing or toileting.
Household Care
Help with grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, laundry or transportation.
Health Care
Help with medication management, physician’s appointments and physical therapy.
Emotional Care
companionship, meaningful activities and conversation.

Please contact us at 866.ResCare (866.737.2273) and we’ll help you decide what kind of assistance you need.

I live far away from my elderly parent who lives at home but needs a little help with day-to-day things. Is there a way ResCare can check up on her every day to make sure she’s okay?

It sounds like our Rest Assured Telecare system may be the solution you’re looking for.

Telecare uses wireless technology to connect your loved one with specially trained caregivers for continuous monitoring around the clock and emergency help dispatched when needed. And our Family Support service helps you stay connected with your loved one via computer – giving you peace of mind and your loved one true privacy and independence.

Using advanced equipment like telecams, intelligent home sensors, two-way audio and face-to-face on-screen communication, the system can even be used to provide medication reminders, check on general wellness and more. Other features include smoke detection, temperature and carbon monoxide monitoring, perimeter security and motion detection.

Find out more about Rest Assured Telecare here. And be sure to watch this to see Telecare in action.

My mother lives at home and does fine on her own. I just want to make sure she’s taking her meds and eating properly as her doctor has instructed. How can ResCare help?

Relax. ResCare can provide as little or as much personal assistance as your loved one needs – including preparing daily meals and providing transportation when needed. We’re here to help!

Learn more about our Personal Care offerings.

My dad can’t drive any more but needs to have his medications picked up, go to the grocery and make it to his doctor’s appointments. If I can’t always be there to drive him around, can ResCare help?

Don’t worry, we’ll put on our chauffer’s cap and take your loved one where he or she needs to go – whether it’s a doctor’s appointment or the movies.

My mom’s in great shape but needs help with laundry, cleaning and general home maintenance. Can ResCare help?

Absolutely. We can offer a customized daily assistance program that makes sense for you and your loved one.

My mom lives alone and sometimes she just gets lonely. Can ResCare keep her company when a friend or family member can’t be there?

You bet we can – whether it’s going to a movie, playing cards or just simple conversation. Check out our Homemaking/Companion service.

I care for my dad most of the time and sometimes I just need a break. Does ResCare offer respite care?

Yes. We know that as a primary caregiver, you need to “recharge your batteries” from time to time. We’re here to provide much-needed relief whenever you need it. Just say the word, and help is on the way!

What is home care?

Home care is any type of care that takes place within a home setting. Care can also be provided place in the hospital, long-term care facility or other place of residence. Service can range from non-medical (housekeeping, meal preparation, help with bathing, etc.) to skilled nursing and therapy.

How do I start care?

Simple. Just call 866.ResCare (866.737.2273) or fill out this form to schedule a free in-home assessment.

What if my loved one isn’t living at home? Can I still get ResCare HomeCare services?

Yes. ResCare home care services are also provided in the hospital, long-term care facility or other place of residence.

What does ResCare stand for?

ResCare’s name is derived from two words that are the foundation of everything we do:

Respect and Care.

What is Personal Care?

Help with bathing, eating, dressing or toileting. More about personal care

What is Household Care?

Help with grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, laundry or transportation. More about household care

What is Health Care?

Help with medication management, physician’s appointments and physical therapy. More about health care

What is Emotional Care?

Companionship, meaningful activities and conversation. More about emotional care

How long has ResCare been in business?

ResCare has 35+ years of experience helping seniors live at home with maximum privacy and independence. We serve more than 1,000,000 people a year with nearly 50,000 employees at thousands of locations across the U.S.

My mother is going to have surgery soon and would like to recover at home. Can ResCare help her until she gets back on her feet?

Absolutely. ResCare offers a full range of skilled nursing services including pre- and post-operative care.

What kind of skilled nursing services does ResCare offer?

ResCare skilled nursing services are provided by registered professional nurses and include pre- and post-operative care, diabetic care, infusion therapies, pulmonary care and more.

What is geriatric care management?

Geriatric care management is the professional assessment, planning, coordination, supervision and management of healthcare and quality-of-life services, with the goal of reducing the risk of hospitalizations, nursing home admissions and healthcare costs. ResCare HomeCare geriatric care managers provide a whole range of services including creating a full-spectrum care plan, managing medications, coordinating in-home help and more. We’d be happy to provide an individualized geriatric care management program for your loved one.

My elderly father requires physical therapy to keep him active and mobile? Can ResCare help?

ResCare can. We offer a full range of [skilled therapy services] including physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and medical social services.

What is Rehab Without Walls?

Rehab Without Walls is a revolutionary rehabilitation program that moves people outside institutional settings and into a natural environment. The program specializes in helping people who have experienced a brain injury, spinal cord injury or stroke/cerebrovascular accident (CVA).

Does ResCare offer overnight care?

Yes, ResCare professionals are available around the clock – including overnight hours.

What’s the cost difference between moving into a facility and staying at home?

Many people have found home care services to be far more cost-effective than moving into a facility. Costs vary from place to place, so give us a call and we can help design a program that best suits your financial and healthcare needs.

My elderly father lives at home alone and is starting to experience dementia. He doesn’t want to move in to a facility and I’m nervous about him staying at home. Help!

It’s ResCare to the rescue. Our skilled professionals are available around the clock to manage chronic conditions like diabetes, cardiac issues, dementia and COPD.

Does ResCare provide therapy for people with traumatic brain injury?


Does ResCare provide therapy for people with spinal cord injury?


Does ResCare provide therapy for people who have suffered from a stroke?


Does ResCare provide therapy for people with multiple sclerosis?


Does ResCare provide therapy for people with Central Nervous System Tumors and Disorders?


Does ResCare provide therapy for people with complex orthopedic injuries?


Does ResCare provide therapy for people with encephalitis brain injury?


Does ResCare provide therapy for people with meningitis?


Does ResCare provide therapy for people with Post-concussive Syndrome?


Does ResCare provide therapy for people with Anoxia/Hypoxia?


Does ResCare provide therapy for people with aneurysms?


My mom has a dog that keeps her company but she can’t give it the care it needs. Can ResCare help?

Yes, we can walk, feed and provide basic grooming for your loved one’s pet. (Unless it’s a snake!)

Can I use ResCare to help me after cosmetic surgery?

Yes. Trained caregivers can help individuals following face lifts, rhinoplasty, liposuction, breast augmentation and more.

I’m afraid my elderly mother will fall down or pass out and no one will be there to help her. What can I do?

Good news. With our [Rest Assured One Touch system], your loved one can get help with the push of a button. So in the event of a fire, fall, medical emergency or intruder – emergency personnel are dispatched immediately.

Can I use ResCare to make sure my loved one wakes up everyday and takes her medications?

Absolutely. Our [Rest Assured Telecare system] has you covered in two ways. With our [Drop-In Support], a Telecaregiver checks in with your loved one at scheduled intervals to make sure everything is okay. For more intensive monitoring, our [Active Support] offers real-time, web-based monitoring of your loved one.