Best In Class Quality

ResCare places great emphasis on providing high quality, outcome-based services. Our company must be focused on quality, individual outcomes and compliance with local, state and federal regulatory requirements. Through years of continuous improvement and enhancements to our standards of service, we developed an industry recognized Best In Class© (BIC) Quality Improvement and Measurement system.

BIC is designed to assist operations to continually improve overall organizational performance and to establish consistent procedures. The system is intended to proactively involve all staff in a measurable quest for continual improvement.

Created by a team of ResCare professionals from across the country, BIC is an ever-evolving system that helps us improve and better meet customer expectations. It allows us to compare our programs across different lines of business and in different states.

We establish BIC goals using:

  • Surveys: regulatory, client, family/guardian, employee and community
  • ResCare management systems
  • Our Mission Statement
  • The ResCare Quality Way
  • Our strategic plan
  • Best practices in our field

Best In Class recognizes and rewards individual operations for achievements in attaining these goals. By defining what is expected of all ResCare professionals and ensuring their recognition when they fulfill those expectations, we develop a level of service that exceeds customer expectations. This approach builds strong customer commitment and employee job satisfaction, while helping us fulfill ResCare’s mission.