ResCare Workforce Services Helps Student on the Brink of Homelessness

ResCare Workforce Services incorporates the nation’s most diverse collection of workforce professionals and is committed to using the breadth of collective expertise available to support businesses and their efforts to secure qualified employees; help job seekers and students prepare for self-sustaining employment opportunities; and build trusted community partnerships in every operative market.

At all of our Workforce Services operations, you will find a dedicated staff that is committed to continually improving by using (1) leadership, (2) collaboration, (3) innovation and (4) proven performance as our primary tools for putting America to work.

In fact, the Workforces Services staff members exemplified all four of those skills by helping a student who was on the brink of homelessness in Everett, Washington.

The student, nicknamed “B,” was a high school dropout, had no relationship with her parents and lived in temporary housing for homeless youth. B struggled with a reading disability that made it difficult to contextualize words.

As she approached her 18th birthday, B knew she would become homeless if she stayed on her current path. She entered the ResCare youth center in Everett, Washington, hoping she could find some relief.

After being enrolled at the youth center for four months, B found out she was eligible to receive secure housing in California. In less than one week, she passed all her GED tests. B graduated from the program on June 10, 2019. She plans to join the military and study aeronautics.

Every day, our mission is to help people, like B, live their best life!

About ResCare Workforce Services ResCare Workforce Services is the nation’s leading and most comprehensive provider of services and solutions designed to help put people to work. With more than 400 urban, suburban and rural ResCare-managed operations throughout the nation, ResCare’s team of more than 4,500 workforce professionals assist approximately 1 million job seekers and thousands of employers every year.

By managing a combination of career center operations, Job Corps centers, business services and family support functions in more than 30 states, ResCare Workforce Services has established itself as the largest for-profit workforce development company in the United States.

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