ResCare Workforce Services Helps Individual Gain Independence

ResCare Workforce Services staff members in Thomasville, Georgia, embraced a major pillar of the company’s mission by helping a job seeker prepare for self-sustaining employment and gain her independence back.

After more than a decade of job searching, Sabrina decided to try a new approach. While she didn’t have a vehicle or phone, she did have the help of the Workforce Services team and the determination to get back on her feet.

Sabrina put in an application with the Department of Labor to receive assistance with completing the certified nursing assistant (CNA) program through Workforce Services, which was granted.

“Sabrina has her independence back,” Project Director David Rutler said. “She loves helping others and being able to support herself. She would not have been able to do any of it without the help of Workforce Services.”

Thanks to the Workforce Services staff who helped guide Sabrina through the program, she passed the exam and now has a job as a CNA, plus a car and a phone.

About ResCare Workforce Services ResCare Workforce Services is the nation’s leading and most comprehensive provider of services and solutions designed to help put people to work. With more than 400 urban, suburban and rural ResCare-managed operations throughout the nation, ResCare’s team of more than 4,500 workforce professionals assist approximately 1 million job seekers and thousands of employers every year.

By managing a combination of career center operations, Job Corps centers, business services and family support functions in more than 30 states, ResCare Workforce Services has established itself as the largest for-profit workforce development company in the United States.

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