National Association Honors ResCare Caregivers With 11 Top Awards

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – The American Network of Community Options and Resources (ANCOR) has recognized 11 ResCare employees with awards as top caregivers.

Nine ResCare Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) have been named DSP of the Year for their state or for Canada, while two others received special recognition by ANCOR for the stellar example their work sets in the categories of leadership and relationships.

“We are so honored to employ such compassionate caregivers who help people live their best life every day,” said ResCare Chief Clinical Officer Rachael Kurzer Givens. “Whether they are working to help an individual they support grow a garden, get a job, learn a new skill, enjoy an outing, make a meal or reach a new level of physical well-being, we’re proud of their commitment to quality outcomes. Congratulations to our employees, and thanks to ANCOR for recognizing them for making a difference in people’s lives and the communities they serve!”

The DSPs will receive their awards April 17 at ANCOR’s national conference in New Orleans. The DSP of the Year winners employed by ResCare are: Tammy Porter (Alaska); Catrina Cleveland (Florida); Elsa Gleason (Idaho); Jamar “Barkim” Gowins (Kentucky); Miya Winfield (Louisiana); Carrie Diamond (Nebraska); Robert Moulton (North Carolina); Shiloh Deede (Washington); and Greg Curry (Canada).

Keith Richardson, of Indianapolis, received a special award for leadership. His nomination noted both his mentorship of new employees and his work to help clients reach independence goals like employment. Huntington, West Virginia, DSP Emily Ward was honored as a category winner in relationships. Emily’s work with clients has helped them gain life skills to move to an apartment, earn a food safety certification to qualify for employment, or even meet “superheroes” at a local comics fan event.

ResCare Direct Support Professionals – also called caregivers, personal care assistants, direct care or homecare aides – provide a rich mosaic of daily support services for the many Americans with disabilities. They are integral in supporting people with disabilities to participate in their communities and lead full and independent lives. ResCare caregivers in thousands of locations help create optimal environments for people in need of assistance, helping people live their best life.

“The work of DSPs makes a difference, not just to the people with disabilities they support, but also to the full community they participate in socially and economically,” said Angela King, president of ANCOR. “DSPs like these ResCare employees deserve recognition for the difficult but meaningful work they do every day.”

Read more about these DSPs and all of ResCare’s nominees for DSP of the year.

Click here to watch a video featuring one of our winners.

“When it comes to supporting people with disabilities in the choices they make and being included in society, DSPs are the front-line workers we rely on,” said Barbara Merrill, CEO of ANCOR. “These awards are just one small measure of saying thank you.”

“This year, hundreds of organizations sent ANCOR nominations highlighting DSPs from across the nation,” continued Merrill. “While all the DSPs nominated do important work every day, these particularly stood out.

Since 2007, ANCOR has honored exceptional Direct Support Professionals with the Direct Support Professional Recognition Award for exemplary work in furthering community inclusion and full participation for the many Americans living with intellectual, developmental and other disabilities. Nominees are judged on the work they’ve done to build social networks, substantive community participation and advocating for the people they serve.

About ResCare, Inc.
ResCare, Inc., founded in 1974, and headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, is dedicated to impacting communities for the better with a mission to help people live their best life. As the largest diversified health and human services provider in the U.S., ResCare is the largest private provider of services to people with disabilities, the largest privately-owned home care company, the largest provider of specialized high-acuity neuro-rehab in community settings and the leading career center workforce contractor in the U.S. With more than 45,000 dedicated employees serving over 60,000 people daily across more than 40 states, ResCare offers daily living support, behavioral health, neuro-rehab therapy and other health-related support services, pharmacy, remote monitoring solutions and vocational training and job placement for people of all ages and skill levels.

Today, we’re committed to innovative care management tools and programs to augment daily care services – offered through a unique mix of high-tech and high-touch solutions to enhance safety and independence and improve outcomes for each individual supported. Our Connected Home care model is an industry-leading approach to the future to achieve strong quality and compliance while also driving efficiency and cutting waste. The model includes the use of proprietary electronic health records (EHRs) and analytics, medication management, remote monitoring and telehealth, and behavioral health services and care management to create an outcomes-based environment that helps people live their best life. For more information about ResCare, visit

About ANCOR. The American Network of Community Options and Resources is a national trade association representing more than 1,400 private providers of community living and employment supports and services to over a million individuals with disabilities with a workforce that’s half a million strong. ANCOR advocates for the crucial role private providers play in enhancing and supporting the lives of people with disabilities and their families.

Through its National Advocacy Campaign, ANCOR seeks to obtain the resources to recruit, train and retain a sustainable direct support workforce. ANCOR provides organization, professional, leadership development and networking opportunities and services and is continually working toward partnerships and collaborations that support our mission, which is to advance the ability of our members in supporting people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to fully participate in their communities.