Home Health Care News Outlines ResCare’s Focus on Taking the Company into a Tech-forward, More Coordinated Era of Health Care

Home Health Care News interviewed ResCare’s Chief Human Resources Officer Sonny Terrill and President of HomeCare and NeuroSolutions Rexanne Domico about the company’s new tech-forward focus in the new era of health care.

“We’ve got forty years of success. ResCare’s been doing it great. But I do see that there’s a turn, so it’s exciting. And when you start seeing that little bit of shift in direction, you get up every day with a lot more excitement, a lot more energy,” according to Terrill. “Create technology opportunities, hire the right people to come in and lead, and I really think that this can be a great story….we’re kind of changing how people view this industry, and we’re changing the way we operate, and we’re starting to see, just in a short period of time, a change in the direction on turnover, on the brand that we have as a company…”

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