Carrie Diamond – Nebraska Direct Support Professional of the Year

Carrie helps the clients she supports by creating a welcoming environment when their relatives visit their group home, such as for a weekly movie night. She’s also helped ensure that one of the clients who uses a wheelchair has transportation to visit out-of-town family.

One of the clients Carrie supports is working hard to stand and walk again after a devastating car accident and is walking with assistance. In part through Carrie’s advocacy, the client is making great progress in her physical therapy with a new foot brace. And when one of the clients needed a new speech-generating device, Carrie was instrumental in ensuring that need was filled. She attended sessions to learn how to use and help the client with the new device.

One client’s mother wrote that Carrie “goes above and beyond with such wisdom, balance and grace” to care for the individuals she supports. She’s been a direct support professional (DSP) since 2004 and with ResCare for the last six years.

Carrie knows how to make a transition go smoothly when a client chooses ResCare. Carrie spent hours at a client’s previous group home, learning how to support the individual and then communicating with her ResCare co-workers prior to the move. As a result, the move was a huge success.

With Carrie, the little touches matter, too. Even when a client’s need is something simple – like a request for blue painted walls and pink fuzzy curtains to make a new room feel like home – Carrie knows how to help the people she supports live their best life.