ResCare HomeCare Launches Salute to Veterans Program in Arizona

This Veterans Day, as America celebrated our veterans and thanked them for their service, ResCare launched its new Home Care program that specifically supports the unique needs of America’s veterans.

ResCare targeted Arizona to launch the Salute to Veterans Program since the state has over 600,000 military, veterans and their family members. The program features an educational series for family members and professionals who work with veterans. It also includes a navigation service to help veterans and their families find care and support by connecting them with Veterans Affairs (VA) benefit and resource experts.

ResCare HomeCare is now credentialed by the Arizona Coalition for Military Families (ACMF) as a Military/Veteran Resource Network Partner Organization. ResCare team members have also attended ACMF Navigators training, and the Home Care branches completed the training to become Arizona Veteran Supportive Employers.

The education series will be credentialed and approved as continuing education for health care professionals. Topics include home care support for veterans and families; communicating effectively with veterans and family members; coordination of care, community services and safe transitions for veterans and family members and understanding post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other conditions unique to veterans and family members.