Wisconsin Governor Highlights FSET Program, ResCare for Making Milwaukee a Better Place to Live

Pictured from left to right X’antany Brookens, Business Services Manager, RWS, Roshay Malone, Job Developer, RWS, Steven Reinhold, Project Director, RWS, JC Penney staff hired through FSET program (Red shirts), Michelle Day, Regional Director, RWS, Gary Rudzianais, Operations Manager, RWS.

To showcase the results of Wisconsin’s FoodShare Employment and Training (FSET) program, managed by ResCare Workforce Services, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker visited a company and talked with their employees who are grateful for the FSET program.

To find skilled workers, companies in the area like JCPenney often turn to the FSET program to find employees. In Milwaukee County, the FSET program had more than 15,600 residents participate in its first year, we helped more than 6,200 people find jobs. Click here to read the April 20 news release.

“Our Workforce team in Wisconsin is amazing,” said Mike Hough, president of Workforce Services. “They have the responsibility and opportunity to help individuals reach their highest level of independence, and become productive citizens in their communities. They are passionate about that responsibility, and you can see from the successful results, they take it very seriously.”

If you want to be part of the social media campaign to promote the FSET program’s successes, you can follow @ResCareWFS on twitter.

To read more about how ResCare Workforce Services is working to help build a better Milwaukee, click here.