$1.6 million awarded to facilitate Pierce County young adults’ career goals

Tacoma, WA – The Workforce Development Council of Tacoma-Pierce County (WDC) and the WorkForce Central Executive Board awarded $1.6 million to ResCare Workforce Services (RWS) to serve 350 economically disadvantaged youth and young adults over 18 months beginning January 2015. The funding is Pierce County’s allocation of the federal Workforce Investment Act legislation for young adults ages 14 to 21.

Through this funding, eligible youth and young adults will be provided one-on-one and online services to facilitate their career goals. These services include dropout prevention and re-engagement strategies, work experiences linked to academic and technical learning, leadership and other essential skill development, and support and counseling services. The measures of success include the attainment of degrees or certificates, and placement in employment or education.

RWS demonstrated an understanding of the need to build strong partnerships with the community and local businesses. It also demonstrated past experience in delivering a business-led model that achieves or exceeds performance measures, while providing work and essential skill training that meets the workforce needs of employers.

RWS uses a technology-based, adaptive platform that supplements the coaching staff by allowing skill development anytime, anywhere. The platform remains up-to-date with continuous technological advancements, while engaging youth who are, for the most part, comfortable with technology.

“What set RWS apart from the other proposals is their program design, service delivery strategies, and the high level of outcomes to be achieved,” said Tim Owens, manager at Marshalls and WDC Youth Council chair.

Eric Hahn, Workforce Development Council chair, added “The Workforce Development Council looks forward to working closely with RWS to prepare our young adults to be globally competitive.”

ResCare Workforce Services is a national private workforce services company. With more than 45 years of experience, RWS operates in more than 300 locations with two currently located in Washington State.

About Workforce Development Council of Tacoma-Pierce County – WDC is the trustee body of the workforce development system for Pierce County. The WDC works on behalf of and in coordination with local Pierce County elected officials and represents a broad cross section of the local community interested in workforce development issues. It also oversees the implementation, local planning, and management of the federal Workforce Investment Act in Pierce County.

About WorkForce Central – WorkForce Central is the workforce development organization for Tacoma/Pierce County. It provides a pathway to employment for job seekers and is a single point of contact for businesses needing to address their talent gaps. WorkForce Central also develops and implements innovative training and business solutions to further the economic growth of the county by partnering with business, education, government, labor and community organizations.

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