ResCare Senior Vice President participates in live radio interview

NATIONWIDE (October 2, 2013) — The National Association of Workforce Boards (NAWB) President Ron Painter conducted a radio interview with ResCare Senior Vice President of Workforce Services Diane Rath, an expert on the emerging trend of consolidating workforce agencies nationwide.

Diane Rath

Senior Vice President of ResCare Workforce Services Diane Rath shared her ideas about consolidating agencies nationwide.

Before joining ResCare in 2008, Ms. Rath served as the commissioner of the Texas Workforce Commission for more than 11 years. During her time as commissioner, she helped consolidate ten of the state’s agencies.

In the NAWB interview, Ms. Rath shared what she learned from the Texas workforce consolidations and provided advice on how other states and workforce boards can increase their resources and maximize their effectiveness in putting people into jobs. This informative discussion addressed the challenges of consolidation, the key elements in making it a win-win situation and the conversations that have to take place in order for the integration to succeed.

“Finding creative solutions to maintain workforce services is more important than ever in this era of federal budget cuts,” President Painter said. “Fortunately, ResCare’s Diane Rath has a solution. Hear her explain how consolidating local workforce agencies may be enough to ensure that important job seeking services stay relevant and effective.”

For more about the interview, please visit the Workforce Central Blog Talk website, or you can be directly linked to the archived interview here.