ResCare gets recognition for being eight-time top Plane Pull fundraiser

LOUISVILLE, KY (August 29, 2013) – Since 2002, ResCare has partnered with Special Olympics Kentucky to host their annual Plane Pull. For several years, ResCare’s team has raised at least $10,000 in addition to ResCare’s sponsorship donation of $10,000. That’s $20,000 a year to help provide year-round sports training and athletic Olympic-type competitions for children and adults with intellectual and physical disabilities. Year after year, teams have set the fundraising goal higher and have consistently beaten the goal.

Special Olympics pull team billboard

A billboard located off highly-trafficked Hikes Lane in Louisville recognizes ResCare as the 2012 Top Fundraising Team for the Special Olympics Kentucky Plane Pull.

In 2012, ResCare was named an eight-time top fundraiser and nine-time presenting sponsor in the Special Olympics Plane Pull. ResCare was also recognized for Top Individual Fundraiser for 2012. The team earned two billboards in prominent areas of Louisville for people passing by to see the results of their hard work.

With the 2013 Plane Pull around the corner, the recognition is just the extra push Team ResCare needs to keep the title of Top Fundraiser for another year. While the team plans to bring their A-game September 28th, it takes a huge effort to make the dreams of these athletes a reality. With ResCare raising $12,102 last year, they are setting their sights on a goal of $15,000 for 2013.

This may seem like a stretch, but that’s why the Plane Pull Fundraising Committee has set up various activities throughout August and September to ensure donations keep flowing in and employees join in on the fun. Activities include a jeans week for employees, a walking bake sale, a breakfast fundraiser and the Special Olympics Plane Pull Pre-Event, complete with food trucks, tug-of-war with a cement truck and raffle baskets.

Team ResCare practicing for Plane Pull

Team ResCare often practices for the real thing with a tug-of-war contest during a pre-event pep rally. This year, they will battle a cement truck.

Author: Moriah Dietrich