Meet ResCare’s Nominees for the 2012 Direct Support Professional of the Year Award

The 2012 Direct Service Professional of the Year Award

ANCOR, the nationalassociation for providers of services to people with developmental and other disabilities, annually honors one Direct Support Professional from each state along with a National DSP of the Year for exemplifying the high calling of the profession.

This year ResCare operations nominated 104 Direct Support Professionals who provide outstanding service to the people they support. Each of them deserves applause and appreciation for the contributions they make everyday to the lives of individuals who depend on them.

East Region

  • Essie Johnson – Alabama
  • Robert Courtney – Alabama
  • Sharon Hardy – Alabama
  • Henry Njenga – Delaware – winner
  • Tammy Walker – Florida
  • Brittany Stratton – Georgia
  • Rosa Norwood – Georgia – winner
  • Ruby Reynolds – Georgia
  • Abdul Mansaray – Illinois
  • Pam Fults – Illinois
  • Junie Hearld – Indiana
  • Lindsay Johnson – Indiana
  • Robert Post – Indiana
  • Darlene Jones – Indiana
  • Joi Shields – Indiana
  • Debora Perks – Kentucky – winner
  • Debra Sears – Kentucky
  • Nancy Shafer – Kentucky
  • Dawn Bain – Michigan
  • Rich Collins – New Jersey
  • Aniqua Parrott – North Carolina
  • Darius King – North Carolina
  • Esther Muraguri – North Carolina
  • Joyce Reid – North Carolina
  • Melissa Pierce – North Carolina
  • Ranisha White – North Carolina
  • Rose Caughran – North Carolina
  • Roz Epps – North Carolina – winner
  • Celeste Parsons – Ohio
  • Rachel Duckworth – Ohio
  • Susan Edwards – Ohio
  • Jason Gills – Virginia
  • Sheila Smith – Virginia – winner
  • Amanda Williams – West Virginia
  • Bonnie Burns – West Virginia
  • Danis Soylu – West Virginia
  • Demitruis Hales – West Virginia
  • Gracie Johnson – West Virginia
  • Hester Alson – West Virginia
  • John Barker – West Virginia
  • Linda Mayes – West Virginia
  • Paul Matthews – West Virginia
  • Yosief Ghile – West Virginia

West Region

  • Christina Hernandez – Arizona
  • Dina Torres – Arizona
  • Mark Layne – Arizona
  • Shirley Gordon – Arizona
  • Bobbie Carle – Alaska
  • David Jones – Alaska
  • Susan Fogg – Alaska
  • Yuka Ungwiluk – Alaska – winner
  • Ana Olmos – California
  • Anthony Perez – California
  • Britney Logan – California
  • Enid Hamilton – California
  • Grace Carrillo – California
  • Helen Bourcier – California
  • Huong Thi – California
  • Maybelle Hechanova – California
  • Oscar Quintanilla – California
  • Rolando Castro – California
  • Silvia Gallegos – California
  • Linda Tucker – Colorado
  • Cheryl Ashurst – Idaho
  • Tammy Brady – Idaho
  • Aimee Bennett – Kansas
  • Beverly Stigge – Kansas
  • Pattie Browning – Kansas
  • Debra Harris – Kansas
  • Rhonda Ghering – Kansas
  • Loretta Jones – Louisiana – winner
  • Stephanie Givens – Louisiana
  • Coty Boggs – Missouri
  • Anastasia Keys – Nebraska
  • Ann Davis – Nebraska
  • Todd Ottersberg – Nebraska
  • Bei Lieng – Nevada
  • Alisha Naali – Oklahoma
  • David Pitts – Oklahoma – winner
  • Ides Sumo – Oklahoma
  • Jennifer Olander – Oregon
  • Kathy Plourd – Oregon
  • Shirley Ann Shipman – Oregon
  • Amanda Rodriguez – Texas
  • Arleatha Williams – Texas
  • Julia Holokai – Texas
  • Natalie Ceja – Texas
  • Patricia Lee – Texas
  • Sharlene Bosom – Texas
  • Sharline Collins – Texas
  • Stevie Williams – Texas
  • Veronique Sudbeck – Texas – winner
  • Willie Harris – Texas
  • Diana Collins – Washington – winner
  • Judy VanDyke – Washington
  • Kathie Reed – Washington
  • Lawrence Chandler – Washington

DSP Comments/ Congratulations

I am proud of the work and contributions of support by all DSPs. Congratulations to the outstanding DSPs that earned a nomination from each of your agencies. You are simply OUTSTANDING!

Bob Bond
Vice President, Government Relations

Congratulations Dawn! We are so very proud to have you as a member of our team.

Mayra Ramos
Executive Director for MI Operations

Congrats!!!! From Javonte’ @the Baytown location!!!!!

Javonte’ Gatison

Congratulation!! You are making a difference in people’s lives. Keep up the great work!

Jeromy Buchanan
Quality AssuranceSpecialist
ResCare Workforce Services

Congratulations to each and every one of you. Whether you are the state winner or not, you are to be commended for the work you do and the impact you have on the lives of those we support. It is an honor to have you represent ResCare at the upcoming events in Washington, DC. You should be very proud and aware of how much this recognition means to not only you, but those you work with and for, each and every day.


Larry Weishaar

Great job everyone! Keep up the good work.

Hallie C. Thaxton
Regional Coordinator/Trainer

Congratulations, Amanda! We are very proud of you!!

Lena W. Street-Hickman
Executive Director

Congratulations Christina!

I am so glad you are being recognized for your hardwork and dedication.

My sincere appreciation for your contribution to enrich the lives of the people you care for by helping and guiding them to achieve their independence.

Keep up the good work!

Amalia M. Jazan
HAH Specialist
ResCare HomeCare Phoenix Branch


Wanda D. Brooks
Care Coordinator

I wish to congratulate Tammy on her nominate for Direct Support Professional of the Year Award. I have not had the privilege of meeting Tammy in person, but itwarms my heart to hear of such a caring individual who goes above and beyond to support our consumers. From SVFL Business Office to You – Tammy – Hats off and keep up the good work.

We have a lot of awesome Care Givers at SVFL and next time, we’ll make sure that their names are in the selections for recognition.

Josephine W. Brown, MBA
Business Manager
ResCare, Inc. / Salem Villages Florida

Congratulations Loretta! Truly a deserving employee with lots of respect and appreciation from all of us atthe Lake Charles Operation!

Kara Smith
Program Manager
ResCare, Lake Charless

I would like to congratulate Tammy Brady for her nomination. She is a hard worker and is dedicated to her work, family, and friends.

The Florida Clusters are so proud of Tammy Walker,it is the spirit,compassion and dedication like her’s that have made our company what it is today! Congratulations to all who were nominated.

Jo-Ann L. Miner
Business Manager

Congratulations Lawrence, I am very proud of you!! I know Lawrence Chandler both personally, and professionally. He is an outstanding individual that cares for everyone.

He is the ‘Ultimate Care Giver’. Lawrence really listens to his clients and fulfills their needs. He is very aware of everything around him and will always help when needed on and off the job. This speaks high of his character. Lawrence is an individual that cares and respects his clients and life.


Jacqueline Shelby

Congrats Lindsay. You are a special person & we are all so proud! You truly care so much about others and it shows. You deserve this recognition .

Love mom