Workforce Resource Center

As America’s premier workforce services provider, ResCare has developed a national network of resources that (1) help job seekers find meaningful careers, (2) assist employers in finding qualified employees and (3) support communities in reducing their unemployment and crime rates.

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ResCare Workforce Services Network

As the nation’s largest workforce services provider, ResCare Workforce Services has acquired expertise, industry insights and relationships that have the potential to benefit others who are seeking innovative programs and perspectives that improve how job seekers are matched with employers.

To facilitate a regular dialogue of best practices, ResCare recently launched the ResCare Workforce Services Network, which is a video platform that showcases 5-10 minute interviews with the nation’s leading workforce experts.  These professionally produced videos highlight news, commentaries, reports and studies from industry experts who have unique perspectives on trends that impact the American workforce.

To recommend a topic or an expert to be interviewed on the ResCare Workforce Services Network, contact us.