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ResCare Workforce Services Network_smallThe video interviews on the ResCare Workforce Services Network chronicle the ideas and unique perspectives of the nation’s leading industry experts. Business executives, job seekers, workforce professionals and policy makers regularly refer to these interviews for insight in overcoming their workforce challenges.

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Tools_smallResCare Workforce Services is the nation’s leading provider of workforce services and tools. Some of our notable workforce tools include:



ResCare Academy – Our clients have 24-hour access to this proprietary online training platform that offers more than 4,000 courses, which can be used for GED preparation and credential-earned training in more than 100 industries.

RoadMaps to Success – This proprietary training curriculum was designed by our workforce experts and includes a 10-session training module that is taught by our certified facilitators to job seekers in the more than 330 career centers we manage throughout the nation.

ResCare Talent Market – This interactive employment tool simplifies the process of filling vacant positions in communities by using job listings, social media, video conferencing and other state-of-the-art technologies to ensure fast, quality matches between employers and job seekers.

To learn more about the tools we use to help put America to work, visit any of the Career Centers we manage or email ResCare Workforce Services.