ResCare is
a path to success
for young people.

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Education and Training Services

ResCare supports many young adults and children through education and training services. We provide life-changing programs to help young people succeed in school, obtain meaningful and gainful employment and become productive members of their community.

From being one of the largest Job Corps operators in the United States to managing schools in various states, ResCare offers each individual a chance at success and a self-sufficient lifestyle.

Focus On


Academic choices for youth through individualized learning environments including private, charter, online schools and other education programs.

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Wisconsin Governor Highlights FSET Program, ResCare for Making Milwaukee a Better Place to Live

To showcase the results of Wisconsin’s FoodShare Employment and Training (FSET) program, managed by ResCare Workforce Services, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker visited a company and talked with their employees who are grateful for the FSET program. To find skilled workers, companies in the area like JCPenney often turn to the FSET program to find employees….
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